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How to (Finally) Get Started with Your Best Idea 
(my best offer to stop struggling with your ideas, make them happen right now!) 
A free printable action-planner just for Badass Bosses
It features every template from the Day by Day 13 week action-planner. I'm not holding back here. It's all yours, ready to kickstart your mission [badassery style]! Just print it and get started today, it's just that simple.

This 13 week action-planner will help you stay on track and maintain focus of your ideas and that one big overarching vision for you life!
You've Tried SO MANY JOURNALS ALREADY, Why Will This One Be Any Different...?
Let me introduce to you the 
"Day by Day-Method"
I know exactly how you feel. I've tried so many (expensive) journals and planners, even did the "bullet journaling"-thing. 2 things bugged me: 

One: they had so many features, it was a day-job just to fill in those journals/planners. And if I didn't, all those empty pages and empty todo-lists made me feel really bad!

Two: it was too hard to keep my attention on my desired outcome and the actions I needed to do today, to get me closer to my goal. I kept forgetting why I was keeping a planner in the first place and I ended up watching another episode on Netflix instead...
"Either you run the day, or the day runs you..."
– Jim Rohn
You do need a planner though. It's too difficult when you feel you have no control over your life. That you're just "so F'ing busy" all the time: never having enough time to do something new. Or starting something new; but never able to follow it through... 

Do you find that you doubt yourself? And the validity of your ideas...? Or your ability to see it through, and whether it's all worth it? This self-doubt can halt you in your tracks.... Believe me when I say that I've been there - it's difficult AF to move past this point! 

I decided to create my own planner... one that wouldn't distract me, really allow me to gain clarity on what I wanted to achieve, while ensuring I kept my focus, right through to the end!
What's in this free download?
What's your dream?
A two page template to write (or sketch) out your dream for your life. Review it regularly to make sure your mental image is aligned with it, it will help you make the right plan of action.
Plan of action
Write out how you are going to get closer to your dream. 
What 4 overarching goals for this year have you planned?  And a 
13-week-plan to work out how to break the year goals up into cycles of 13 weeks
Week planning
How will you spend your time the upcoming week, what is the focus and what will you get done?
Week review
Take a few minutes after every week to reflect, what went well and what didn't? Did you get closer to your 13-week-goal? What will you do next week to make sure the 13-week-goal is reached?
Daily journaling
6 daily templates to plan your daily tasks. Journal about what's on your mind. And a moment of gratitude, count your blessings and celebrate your wins.
The Idea Journal
Yes, I'm giving this away for free. Do you have so many ideas like me? Write them down! And for those ideas that need more space to be described: use this Idea Journal to get your most important thoughts out of your head onto paper. 
Sketch Your idea
For the ideas that are just too visual to write about, or perhaps to elaborate on the written part.
Finding your badass focus is just a couple of clicks away!
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